Mania Akbari

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Mania Akbari was born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran. From the year 1991 she began her career as a painter. She then was exposed to cinema by working as a cinematographer and assistant director on a few documentaries. In the year 2002 herself, her son Amin Maher and her sister Roya Akbari depicted part of her real life in front of the camera for Abbas Kiarostami’s “Ten”, which entered the competition at Cannes Film Festival in the same year. The following year she co-directed a documentary called “Crystal”. In 2004 she wrote, acted and directed her first feature length film “20 Fingers”, which won the best film in Venice Film Festival’s Digital Cinema section. From there on “20 Fingers” was screened and received awards from more than 40 film festivals around the world. Between the years 2004 to 2007 she made six video Arts, which participated in numerous festivals such as Locarno Film Festival and exhibited at museums such as Tate. In 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She directed and acted in her second doc-fiction, “10+4”, a sequel to Abbas Kiarostami’s “Ten” made four years after. This film was exhibited at numerous festivals such as San Sebastian Int’l F.F. & Cannes F.F in (Acid). This film also received numerous awards such as Nantes Special Public Award, and the award for best film and best director at Kerala Film Festival. From 2007 to 2010 she worked on photo-based works that were featured in galleries and art auctions. In 2010, she made a cautious documentary about the execution of minor in Iran, titled “30 Minutes To 6AM”. She decided to make her third feature length film in 2011 titled One-Two-One, which also was exhibited in numerous film festivals around the world. In the same year she started working on her next film “From Tehran to London”


Video Arts:

Self 2004 – Repression 2004 – Sin 2004 – Escape 2004 – Fear 2005 – Devastation 2005- In My Country Men Have Breasts 2012


“Crystal” co-director 2003 54 Min

“30 minutes to 6 AM “ 2011 53 Min


“20 Fingers” 2004 73 Min

“10+4″ 2007 77 Min

“One.Two.One” 2011 85 Min

“From Tehran to London” 2012 70 Min


Assistant director – Old man of Harra By Mahvash sheikholeslami (2001)

First actress in feature film – 10 By Abbas Kiarostami (2002)

Directed documentary – Crystal /Dv color /54 min (2003)

Director and actress – feature film 20 Fingers /Dv color/73min (2004)

Directed 6 Video Arts – Self , Repression, Sin , Escape, Fear and Devastation.(Dv color 2004- 2007)

Director and actress – feature film 10+4 /HD color/ 77min (2007)

10Photo-based works – This is Mania-This is not Mania (2007)

10Photo-based works – This is not Mania- This is not Mandana(2008)

Photo-based work- Van Goghs Ear (2008)

10Photo-based works – Devastation (2009)

10Photo-based works – My Family (2009)

Photo-based work – My Guernica (2009)

10Photo-based work – To Be Mandana, To Be Not Mandana (2009)

7Photo-based work – Happy Marriage, Mania Akbari & Behnoud Shojaee(2010)

Directed – Documentary 30 minute to 6 /DvColor/53min (2009–10)

Directed – feature film OneTwoOne/ HD Color/85 min (2010)

Directed and acted – feature film From Tehran to London /HD Color/67 min (2011–12)

Directed Video Art – In My Country, Men Have Breasts /HD Color/ 3min (2012)

Directed Video Art – I slept with my mother, my father, my brother and my sister in a country called Iran / HD Color/ 6min (2012)


Film 20Fingers Winner of the Best feature film in Venezia Cinema Digital Section (Venice, Italy – 2004)

Film 20Fingers The Grand jury prize for the spirit of freedom in Bahamas International Film Festival (Bahamas – 2004)

Film 20Fingers Special Mention Femina International Women’s Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 2005)

Film 20Fingers Winner of Best Director and Best Actress Digital International Barcelona Film Festival(Barcelona, Spain – 2005)

Film 20Fingers Winner of the Most Innovative film Award Wine Country International Film Festival (California, USA – 2005)

Film10+4 of Young Public in Festival des 3 Continents (Nantes,France – 2007)

Film10+4 Winner of the Best film and Best Director awards in International Film Festival of Kerala (Karala, India – 2007)

Film10+4 Winner of Thank You Honor to Mania Akbari Special Prize by the head of the Filmmor International Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey – 2008)

Film 10+4 Winner of the Best Actress in Section Mondo Chico Festival( Spain – 2008)

Film 10+4 Winner of the Best film Award in L’Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona(Barcelona, Spain – 2008)


Kakhe Niyavaran/ Niavaran Palace Gallery – gallery (Tehran,Iran – 2004)

Locarno International Film Festival – special screening (Locarno, Switzerland – August 2005)
15th Videobrasil( Sao Paulo, Brazil – 2005)

City of Women International Film Festival of Contemporary Arts ( Ljubljana, Slovenia – 2005)
Peru International Film Festival – screening (Lima, Peru – 2005)

Salento International Film Festival – screening (Salento, Italy – 2005)

Rochester-High Falls International Film Festival – exhibition (Rochester,NY,USA – 2005)

Gijón International Film Festival – exhibition (Gijon, Spain – 2005)

Iranian Group Exbition (Rome,Italy – 2006)

Tate Modern at Tate Museum – screening of Video Art – Self(2007) (London, UK – 2007)

Xerxes Art Gallery (London,UK – 2008)

Caledonia Festival – screening (Udine,Italy – March 2009)

The Royal College of Art – screening of Video Arts Self and Sin (London, UK – October 2009)


Tarahan Azad Gallery (Tehran, Iran – 2008)

10 Gallery (Tehran,Iran – 2008)

Tarahan Azad Gallery (Tehran,Iran – 2009)

Magic of Persia‘s Auction (Dubai, UAE – 2009)

Mellat Gallery (Tehran, Iran – 2009)

Phillips de Pury & Company Auction (London, UK – 2009)

Pierre cornette de saint cyr (Paris, France – 2009)

Christie’s Auction (Dubai, UAE – 2009)

Bonhams Auction (Dubai, UAE – 2010)

Bonhams Auction (NYC, USA – 2010)