Global Thinkers Forum Roundtable: 
“Gender equality priorities in the MENA region “

16th October 2014

Internationally acclaimed Iranian filmmaker, actress, artist and writer Mania Akbari 
Egyptian journalist, Shahira Amin, former deputy head of Egyptian state-owned Nile TV and Souad Talsi MBE founder of Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre UK

A Global Thinkers Forum Roundtable dialogue that will discuss crucial gender equality priorities in the MENA region. The conversation will highlight priorities for implementation and a call for action to accelerate implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the region. Furthermore: human stories as shared by the women who know the region the most! Social, political, security, health challenges:
how do they deal with them? How have these exceptional  survived against the odds? Meet them on October 16, 2014!

body and soul want to raise awareness in people and human beings. I see the action of a beautiful young Kurdish woman toady, who by attaching a hand grenade to herself and committing suicide with a gun, is fighting to stop the IS from capturing her. This is a pained female voice. I know that by sacrificing her life, she wants to raise awareness in the world, wanting to raise questions in the minds of people and generations, like the very strange action of the first person in the Arab world who by burning her body succeeded in creating a shock wave that hundreds of weapons could not stop its waves and movements

For me, each conscious human being is a tortured being who has an act to play in this world, and her very incentive is to survive in order to grow and create thoughts. Geographical limits are meaningless today. It is as if we are all citizens of a virtual country and in a strange way influence each other. We are tired human beings, the outcome of wars, violence, and dictatorships springing from religions, beliefs, traditions and lust for power. My feeling is that the soul of the world and the soul of the people are worn out. We are in need of another voice not rising from violence, dictatorships and hunger for power. An innocent and loving soul, which might have the power to shape the world into love seeking poetics that might feel safe in this innocent soul.

Women in MENA