Exploring female body politics on screen: ‘For Vagina’s Sake’

Roundtable discussion with Director Kim Bo-ram, Jeong Ga-young (‘Hit the Night,’ 2017), Mania Akbari (‘Life May Be,’ 2014) and Jemma Desai.Monday 5 November 2018, 16:10-17:30

Part I, 14:00-16:00: Screening of ‘For Vagina’s Sake,’ followed by Q&A with Director Kim Bo-ram, moderated by Holly Tarquini Cert 12, 84mins, 2017

Through untold ages, the menstrual cycle has been the symbol of secret, mystery, fervour and disavowal. In this documentary, filmmaker Kim Bo-ram goes on a worldwide adventure in pursuit of personal experiences, exploring the silence and historical fears surrounding menstruation. The film also sheds light on the international campaigns fighting to make sanitary products freely available in schools, ensuring that girls are not made to stay at home and miss out on their educations.