A Moon for My Father, at CPH:DOX International Doc Film Festival 2019

A Moon for My Father
Courageous, raw and performative video work about the Iranian artist Mania Akbaris’s first-hand experiences with both breast cancer and pregnancy.Mania Akbari’s own body is the primary medium and material in her and Douglas White’s raw and courageous film, which with a performative and sculptural materiality documents – and reflects upon – Akbari’s experience with breast cancer, and since then with pregnancy. Akbaris connects her own body to Iran’s political history, and examines the traumas of both as she lives through her illness. However, there is no lack of spirit and courage, and the same goes for the will to give the indescribable a meaningful form. Life, death, language, censorship and the artistic process – the abstract suddenly becomes concrete in the face of the possible ending of life, and the beginning of a new life. The work on ‘A Moon for My Father’ started a few weeks after Akbari and White first met, and we become witnesses to how a both artistic and closely personal relationship develops between them along the way. An uncompromising work of great force.