Master class Mania Akbari at 59th Krakow Film Festival

the masterclass with two artists: Mania Akbari and Amin Maher, mother and son, Iranians living on exile. It was 90 minutes talking about the situation of women and minorities, censorship and undefined line between what artist can and can’t do/say, and schizophrenia of life behind closed doors and public in Iran. Also The things we create and the things that create us. How we can share our experiences and our memories with the context of art. How we can from our human beings, our cultural background, our histories, memories, our geographical setting, can reach to a common language called art. How it could create or produce beauty, static and art from pain, suffering and aggression. How one’s mental structure “Brain Architect”, that holds all the childhood memories and the geographical borders that gave it depth and perspective could associate with the memories and constructions of another geographical space. How we can transform our experience to beauty and give it a meaning that is beyond human’s pain and suffering. How an object potentially could relink the deepest lost or forgotten stories of one’s mind and find the traces of pain. I tried to explore how an object or Sculpture that has been created by an English Artist could create a poetic sound in me, while coming from a different land @ 59th Krakow Film Festival!