A Moon for My Father at New Horizons International film festival 26-27 July 2019

A Moon for My Father by Mania Akbari and Douglas white at New Horizons International film festival.“When one tiny element is removed from a bridge, the entire structure collapses. Mania Akbari—an Iranian artist who is a master of precise, minimalistic gestures that can cause shockwaves—knows just how to use this decisive detail to show that our thinking is constrained. She discusses her relationship with artist Douglas White, which began in 2013, first in the convention of a dialogue, an exchange of experiences from their separate residences in Iran and Australia, and gradually transforming into a face-to-face relationship with a shared life in London. Their exchange of letters is a pretext for meditations on loss and hope. A bat’s corpse is reminiscent of browned bananas. The skin and bones of a dead elephant are a tent for animals. Women protesting on the streets of Tehran are living monuments to resistance. The digressive, poetic narrative of the film doesn’t lose sight of the main subject, i.e., how a woman has to get used to her own body again following a mastectomy—without sentimentality, narcissism or exhibitionism. A story about intimacy and art with no ideology or idealization. Akbari hides and reveals exactly what needs to be hidden and revealed.”
By Adriana Prodeus