A Moon for My Father at Cinema forAll in Sheffield 2019

A Moon for My Father will have screening @cinemaforall in Sheffield on 21st Sep.
A Moon For My Father has not yet received an official rating from BBFC. Please be aware that you will need to get this locally classified by your local council. Available to screen from 01/09/2019. Written and directed by London-based Iranian filmmaker Mania Akbari and her partner, the British sculptor Douglas White, A Moon For My Father (2018) considers the mysterious connections between death and loss, memory, love, family ties, the body, birth and artistic creation. The film takes an epistolary form, drawing on several years of written correspondence between Akbari and White. Deftly interwoven alongside the letters are family photos, archival footage from Iran, imagery from White’s artwork, and scenes of the couple’s everyday life together. As Akbari undergoes surgeries on a body decimated by cancer, remembrance and reconstruction provide a framework for investigating how bodies are traumatised, censored and politicised, and yet ultimately remain a site of possibility. https://cinemaforall.org.uk/films_type/a-moon-for-my-father/