BEYOND THE BODY curated by Mania Akbari

BEYOND THE BODY curated by Mania Akbari and followed by a discussion with Mania Akbari & Abbas Zahedi .Sunday 10 November 4pm at wolf cinema in Berlin.

Our bodies live in their current contexts with their historic, scientific, genetic and social memories. Yet how do these memories take shape today in interactions with machines? Machines that are manufactured by our bodies and machines that simultaneously manufacture our bodies as well? At some point, Lacan and Freud believed in individual psychotherapy, but today the healing of an individual is brought about by healing a larger sociopolitical situation. This is because the contemporary human subject has become a planetary subject, global-individual. We are not our bodies but we exist within them. When the human organs become centralized in confrontation with various situations, new political movements arise. The deepest part of humans’ bodies is the skin and the furthest part, the geopolitical borders. Contemporary bodies carry the deepest and the furthest at the same time. They socialize with their internal geopolitical borders. How does contemporary thought expand on borders and depths when confronted socially and politically beyond the individual? The dance of two organs is the dance of two political bodies.
1- Belly Flesh by Catherine Long
2- The Secret, The Girl And The Boy by Oksana kazmina
3- Sarotis by Ava Aghakouchak
4- A Passage by Rouzbeh Akhbari & Flixe Kalmenson
5- ME, MYSELF & A.I.I.I. by Abbas Zahedi
6 – Re:Site(after R.M.) by Martina Schmuecker
7-Immobile Objects by Shiva Yourdkhani
8- Correspondance by Murat Adash
9- Ultima Ratio Δ Mountain of the Sun by Bahar Noorizadeh
10- Tenderfluid by Liberty Antonia Sadler