Dear Elnaz (2020)

On January 8th, the Ukrainian Airlines flight PS752 was shot down by the Iranian regime with at least two missiles. All 176 passengers and crew lost their lives. Javad Soleimani lost the love of his life, his wife and his best friend, Elnaz Nabiyi, on that flight. He and Elnaz had moved to Canada less than two years prior to this tragedy to pursue a PhD at the University of Alberta.
From the very beginning, the Iranian regime tried to lie to the whole world about the real reasons for this heinous crime. The Iranian authorities quickly concluded that the plane crash was merely due to technical defects. Iran was finally forced to accept responsibility for firing upon a civilian aircraft under international pressure. In this documentary, the camera’s role as an observer gradually evolves into Javad’s primary channel for seeking justice. The audience is invited into Javad’s political and personal memories as his friends and the film crew accompany him through a process of mourning and healing. Javad’s anger and sorrow of losing Elnaz gradually shifts towards a loud cry for justice.