– Conversation between Mark Cousins and Mania Akbari/ in progress/ @August2018

– My Mother’s Black Chador

Mania Akbari’s stories are bold, frank, and adept at seamlessly weaving together topics as varied as politics, sexuality and identity in contemporary Iran. She unflinchingly confronts societal taboos, depicting a number of scenes in these stories that would never pass by the Iranian state censors. Furthermore, Akbari does not hesitate to place herself at the center of her work; she artfully filters her meditations on death, war, family, memory, beauty, relationships and identity through her own lived experiences as an Iranian woman.In this collection, Akbari continues her efforts to shatter taboos, challenge conventions, and move beyond the chafing confines of traditional society. We at Nogaam are convinced that she will astonish you with her audacity, her sharp words and her striking imagination. This book consists of a selection of five stories from the “Stories Without Decoupage” collection, translated from Farsi into English.