On Body And Artistic Creation- Master Class with Mania Akbari

Master Class with Mania Akbari- On Body and Artistic Creation
at Kino Klub, Kosovo @Dokufest International Film Festival

Mania will discuss about her films and art works, the body as political through the example also of her own, transformed, body. The female body as situated in the context of political restrictions and even physical alteration in relation to oppression and normatively. Mania Akbari has been looking at the triangular relationship between body, object and memory – the secrets that each may hold about the other, and how these might be unlocked. How might a landscape of memory suddenly appear, uninvited, in an object? And how might the object transformed tell the story of a body?

Image is Lubion II / new collaboration by Douglas White and Mnaia Akbari .
Edition of 6. 60 x 40 cm. Giclée print on archival paper.